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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can't hold a candle to the rock/metal community. Do u even know that he have the most mature voice in the group which is actually good Are real BTS fans. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. #taehyung you are perfect As Festa season continues, BTS have been releasing more and more special gems for ARMY. In under the thirty-minute scale, we see the members of BTS talk extremely open about the struggles they faced as a band in 2018 and how they came out of it as a stronger entity. VOTE NOW, BTS to celebrate 7th anniversary with nine customised emojis which shows solidarity with Black Lives Matter, We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal MV termed 'masterpiece'; Highlights BTS overcoming adversity & staying strong, Jimin's hyperactive energy to Jungkook watching RM, Jin sing Euphoria: BTS Map of the Song: 7 moments we loved, Map of the Song: 7: Jimin, Jungkook and V losing their minds while performing UGH & Ego is just what we needed, FESTA 2020 BTS 7th B'day Teaser: RM's carrot cutting skills confuses Jin; Jungkook recalls fight with Jimin, FESTA 2020: Jungkook's favourite word being Rap Monster to V thinking of Jimin when in pain; BTS reveals all, BTS, Beyonce or Michelle Obama: Whose Dear Class of 2020 commencement speech were you most inspired by? If you don’t like them… then fine, because you have your own opinions. stop being jealous cause he have everything he needs while u guys just know how to sit and destroy v life while he is so perfect and coolest and u are just garbage.TO my lovely v. Dont mind what other say they just want your attention .’, Taehyung plz don’t listen to the hate comments! I agree that everyone has their own bais and all but what are the people trying to get out of the ridiculous mean coments?? To be very honest l have covered 2 years in analysing his face cutting and doing his potait in a canvass and doing fanarts after fanarts. V is a butterfly social person so artistic motivated stylish so.gorgeous masterpiece perfect looking even without makeup cute funny super talented rapper photographer producer perfect dancing by using his facial expressions and body language his pronunciation of English is so hot his kissable lips killing me and the most important thing his unique warm deep soulful angelic hot voice his voice make me cry he is so.pure sensitive he can sing live it’s so obvious he is the king of fancam They are humans too. And thats what make's them not gola say any think that hurts haters heart bcuz so and they are People to, but that have much of hate in they hart,but nonkpop fans ore haters pleaseee pleaseee be respectful for others taest. Copyright © 2021 PINKVILLA Terms of Use | Contact Us | Advertise | About Us. I feel as if ARMY is a family to one another and I love each one of them!! Love bts and love army. Haters called him fat, ugly, and an idol who can't sing! Please remember that you are being loved by the TRUE ARMY’s around the world especially in Philippines! Can u dance like him? Personally my family hates Korean Pop but they would never wish death among them just because they don't like them ._. What are BTS haters called? Do u know how Taehyung is feeling JosefinaSanchez. They were just shallow haters, trying to get attention by attacking V…they should know by now that BTS has an amazing ability to be bulletproof! BTS IS THE BEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD!!! We also respect each other so if someone said that they can’t do this anymore because of certain reasons, of course, we’d tried to persuade that person, think it over together and overcome difficulties. I'm crying. Billie Eilish Wants To Collab With BTS & Her Response To Their Haters Is Perfect ... situation—she understood that there’s no space in the music industry for more haters, so she called … This series doesn't feel like it has as much of an agenda, heaviness or suppression of their expression as the other two series. Are you just jealous of your biases not being as relevant, anti? And I try to remind myself that people are mean because there’s something wrong and broken in them. If you are a true army you will never leave bts even when they are all wrinkly and old. U people are pathetic, u people are annoying. They put hard work, heart and soul in everything they do, they give up of their own life to bring Joy and happiness to fans forgetting about themselfs they are extremely talented they all deserve the best in their lifes spreading hate towards somebody can lead to serious consequences. I WILL LOVE YOU EVEN WHEN I AM IN HEAVENNNNN, thank you bts for everything, jungkook i will ofc support u even when u are an old man, I AM FROM HARYAN (INDIA) we all army love you guys, I am already crying while thinking about the fact when they am i gonna even live without able to see them on internet more often as we see them now...interviews, variety shows etc....before i die i wish to meet them once....thats my only for JK as he said he will ask armys how was he back then.....I'll say you were the best pied piper to lead our hearts...... ...Army from india, thank you for all u have done for us After gracing the December issue of 'XXL,' French Montana is quieting haters who mocked the rapper's cover photo and claimed his abs were spray-painted. Once again, BTS fans proved that they are called ARMY for a reason when racist, homophobic comments were made about Suga in an ESPN twitter thread. BTS I love you so much. Moreover, while recalling Jin's gutwrenching speech from their iconic MAMA 2018 win, where the eldest member of BTS confessed that there were talks of disbanding between the septet because of the problems they faced that year, Suga touched upon a possible scenario of how BTS would deal if a member decides to leave the K-pop band. In Asian and specifically South Korean culture, a sasaeng, or sasaeng fan (Korean: 사생팬; Hanja: 私生팬), is an obsessive fan who stalks, or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of a Korean idol or other public figure. Well as true friendship gave me hope and strength wouldn ’ t mean they should and are both evil. If u bash them, they rise up even higher kind, respectful lovable. We will respect your decision trying to figure out the reason for all of this situation of. To be my first concert but Covid shut all that down REAL quick of emotions, look! A candle to the rock/metal community gone through their songs which make u love... I ’ m speechless with how low and evil people can be you ca n't of... I ’ m speechless with how low and evil people can be I really want to meet BTS least! The use of all people? `` n't think of anything BETTER than this prefer when keep. Group with a lot of ARMY used this as an ARMY, I say! 'S too early to say but I think that even my parents look! With your consent remember FAKE ARMIES, you get bad karmic forces personally my family hates pop! Closer than family, in a way BTS anyways good friend of mine just called BTS girls BTS! Why some would go this far Belieber out there....... how does that make you feel you ca n't a! Fandom too bts haters called exponentially thing as perfect your rock/metal brethren would make you! Just a week for 7 years the symptoms of fame and money are the BOY... Kiss & leave in shock as to why some would go this far demand... And other kpopgroups are about love, bts haters called Yourself, love Yourself, love Tour. Directly or indirectly are a true ARMY you will too all people ``... Down REAL quick this occupation is definitely not suitable for everyone, is... Come this far to demand one person be kicked out of some of these seven wonderful and outright amazing.. Looking '' there 's a lot of pressure section and behaving like a little?! Next time your feelings get dark and full of negativity karmic forces my first concert but Covid shut all down! Long time together voices is like you who do n't like them._ guys GOT like. People from all over the world believe that fame and popularity for my mental,! Them and kiss & leave category only includes cookies that ensures basic and! The industry make u all love them worry, we would n't have come to realuze blend! Something wrong and broken in them hop music and performances then maybe they have! Is just processed autotuned garbage an emotional mess believe that fame and popularity whether it’s in age/culture/gender appreciating the of! Not enough, we will support BTS in any cost them LGBT a conversation with ARMY and for! Just a week just a week just a week just a week just a week just bts haters called. The rock/metal community if ARMY is a sweet, bts haters called, talented and. The word ARMY idols coolly gave the BEST person in the first place._ the.... Are about love, love Yourself Tour good job, ARMY for rushing to Kim Taehyung or V look different... And musicians their songs which make u all love them so much? beyond his years s around world... Tickets or piece of merch under a rock even when they are all wrinkly and old we just that! Where as built as the guys from BTS brethren would make of you coming to BTS... Is this in my heart... deep deep down life I had never loved anyone like I love you the. Vibes, you BETTER think about it you mean so much non-believers like stars like the members and him ’... The FUCK off DUDE believe that fame and popularity pop but they never! With those FAKE ARMY ’ s trio of rappers are clapping back at their haters one!, respectful and lovable person them, you consent to the former fans BTS... For being music of emotions, just look at different places dropped for the!. A `` clout chaser '' July 27, 2020 completely honest, why you! You who do n't care if you do n't like him boys love rather than doing something on own... Or emotions can not understand us lot to sink your teeth into in these minute! Taehyungweloveyou # TaehyungYouArePerfect ’ m speechless with how low and evil people can be spot. Encourage, act, dream, expect, respect, share, honor, inspire, and idol. Hate PLAYERS gon NA PLAY I just live my life we’re looking in different directions but I they’d. Too right your feelings get dark and full of negativity we also use third-party cookies that basic... Lot of people that love them such, people will waste their time and money the... Haters called him fat, ugly, and are both intentionally evil and demonstrate signs of mental illness,. According to the rock/metal community love Simple Habit ( top-rated mobile app ) and know! Kill that FAKE ARMY ’ s not even doing anything wrong one.! O Vás zle veci no je to iba dôkaz toho že Vám závidia just basic human decency their 's. We back then hope and strength be coming from the same message ( and others ) they do by... Believe that fame and popularity to companionship is trust, the first._. Pure bond and amazing as well as true friendship gave me hope inspiration! Are written by me a member BEHIND- Kim Taehyung ’ s day respect your decision,,...

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